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Supported formats

The following file formats are currently supported: x3d x3db osg osb 3ds ply wrl bin fhb off raw slp stl jt dae dxf lxo obj x fhb

Loading from URL

The last part of the URL needs to be a valid filename. The system does not handle streaming or extensionless endpoints by looking up mime types or magic chars. Please prepare your data like this

Good URLs
Bad URLs (even if sent with correct mimetype)

Textured models

If you need to upload textures with your model, you need to prepare and upload a ZIP file which also contains your textures. Directory names and texture files as well as the refenreces in your models are not touched during conversion and simply copied over. So are any other files provided in the ZIP package. For more on uploading ZIP files read the next section.

ZIP files

You can also upload multiple models in one zip file. In order to discover the models in the zip file, you need to store them at the root level of the Zip archive. This is also true for the metadata which you can also put in the archive. The meatadata filename needs to be exactly like your model filename except for the extension. Make sure you only have relative paths in you Zip file and no back references. Things like z/../../../etc/passwd or similar are filtered out. Nested archives are not processed.

Heads up! Conversion settingsare the same for all models in one zipfile.

Here's how a good zipfile could look:
    vase.ply                             <- the model at root level
    vase.json                            <- Metadata
    vase_textures/arbitrary.jpg          <- Textures in subdirs
Don't do this:

Your upload must not exceed 512.0MB. In case you are uploading a big file and have a slow internet connection, the browser will appear to have stalled. This is not the case, please be patient and wait for the upload to complete.

You can use a URL instead of a file.
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Meshlab optimization

Optimization is performed by Meshlab and optional. If you don’t want to optimize meshes, just don’t select anything here.

Upload a metadata file

If you choose the "Fullsize Viewer" or "Viewer with Metadata Browser" template, you can attach metadata to your model. Supported formats are JSON (file.json) and XML (file.xml) for "Metadata Browser".

Heads up! In case you upload a ZIP archive, you need to provide the metadata within your archive. See help above for more info. I you are using a URI to download a model, the metadata attachment is ignored.

Start sharing

Everything set? Then you are ready to upload your model and start sharing. After hitting the convert button, you will be taken to a new page which provides a download link and a preview link to your model.

Note: The converted model files will be deleted from our servers a couple of hours after the conversion took place. Make sure you download the files to your computer as soon as possible.